Auto Troubleshooting: Understanding The Common Problem Signs

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Why And How Your Mechanics Should Keep Up With Changing Technology

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Cars are advancing faster and faster toward some unknown event horizon in car manufacturing. Self-driving cars are already here, although they may need another decade to tweak out the bugs. Computers do most of the work controlling many aspects of the cars. Cars that hover above ground exist, but are currently only in prototype form. Still, you run an auto repair shop that needs to keep up with the times. Are all of your mechanics able and ready? Read More»

How To Know When It's Time To Change The Oil In Your Car

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Modern car engines have become so complicated that it’s not always easy to do maintenance chores like changing the oil yourself. If you don’t work on your car frequently, you may feel at a loss as to what’s going on inside the engine, but fortunately, modern cars have computer systems that alert you when it’s time for maintenance and when something is wrong. While you may remember your father’s or grandfather’s old car having the oil changed on a strict schedule, times have changed. Read More»

Are You Clueless About Cars But Think Your Turbocharger Went Out? What To Know

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There are many signs that can indicate that the turbocharger on your automobile is failing. If you can see that the vehicle isn’t accelerating as it once did, that the check engine light has come on, or that you can’t accelerate quickly and the car has excess or unusual exhaust, you want to find a mechanic that specializes in turbocharger repair. While you might think replacing the turbocharger is the only option, there are actually several options. Read More»