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4 Pros And Cons Of Aftermarket Parts

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When you need a new part for your car repair, you can purchase original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket parts. While many car owner prefer OEM parts, some prefer the benefits of aftermarket parts. Before you purchase anything, however, check out these four pros and cons of aftermarket parts.

Pro: They Are Cheaper

The biggest advantage to aftermarket parts is the cost. Essentially, aftermarket parts are generic parts because they aren't made by auto manufacturers. For this reason, you don't have to pay extra just for the name brand. In addition, aftermarket parts are cheaper for mechanics to purchase because they are more readily available. OEM parts, however, have to be purchased from the auto manufacturer, so the mechanic likely pays more, which they pass along to you.

Pro: There Are Multiple Options

With OEM parts, options are limited. With so many different types of vehicles and models, auto manufacturers don't have time or money to create multiple versions of the same part. However, with aftermarket parts, the options seem endless. To start, there are multiple manufacturers from which to choose. However, some aftermarket manufacturers only focus on one part of related parts, giving them more freedom to offer multiple variations and styles.  

Con: Some Lack Quality

As with anything generic, however, quality varies from product to product. One aftermarket auto part may be cheap and break easily. On the other hand, some aftermarket products are better than the name brand OEM part because the company has more time to dedicate on crafting that one part. With OEM parts, however, there is more consistency, so you know your OEM part will work as well or better than the old part.

Con: They May Void Your Warranty

Many car owners avoid aftermarket parts because they believe installing one can void your car's warranty, and in many cases, this is true. However, the act of installing the aftermarket part doesn't void the warranty. The problem arises when you take your car in for repairs. If the auto manufacturer determines the aftermarket part caused the damage or issue, the warranty may be voided.  

Aftermarket parts can be an affordable alternative to purchasing auto parts, but because there are so many manufacturers, quality varies. You may find a part with better features than the original, or you may accidentally void your warranty. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Action  Transmission.