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Why And How Your Mechanics Should Keep Up With Changing Technology

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Cars are advancing faster and faster toward some unknown event horizon in car manufacturing. Self-driving cars are already here, although they may need another decade to tweak out the bugs. Computers do most of the work controlling many aspects of the cars. Cars that hover above ground exist, but are currently only in prototype form. Still, you run an auto repair shop that needs to keep up with the times. Are all of your mechanics able and ready? Here is how to make sure they are. 

Require Continuing Education Credits

Teachers and childcare workers are required by law to keep up with changes in education. Sadly, this is not a requirement for every career. You, however, as the owner and operator of an auto repair shop can make this a requirement for your employees. Each employee will need to complete a minimum of one to two courses in auto technology and repair to continue working for you. It helps to sweeten the pot by paying part or all of the price of the courses.

Share Knowledge with Others in the Shop

Have monthly meetings where each mechanic is required to share some useful tidbit about the changes in auto manufacturing, technology, and the future of cars. When knowledge is shared, everyone in the shop benefits. Bring donuts and the meeting might be just a bit more lively.

Take Professional Days off to Visit Car Shows That Feature Prototypes

Prototypes are unveiled at major car shows. There is a wealth of information for auto mechanics to absorb at these shows when they go to view the prototypes. If there are such car shows near you, give employees the choice to stay in the shop and work, or take a professional day off to go check out the car show and learn something valuable. Everyone that takes the day off for the show has to bring back their ticket stub if they want to be paid for that day.

Why Your Mechanics Need to Keep Up

The technology in luxury cars from twenty years ago is now the standard technology in non-luxury vehicles. The technology in today's luxury cars is not standard in every other vehicle. Future technology trickles down from the first cars of their kind, to the cars everyone drives. While you may not get a lot of customers now who have a lot of tech in their vehicles, it will happen eventually.