Auto Troubleshooting: Understanding The Common Problem Signs

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Boosting Your Mercedes' Fuel Economy Through Three Simple Tips

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One of the most commonly cited concerns among Mercedes owners is the steadily rising price of fuel. Yet while there may be nothing you can do to lower the cost per gallon, there is plenty you can do to ensure that your car gets the most mileage from its fuel. If you would like to learn more about how to boost your fuel economy, read on. This article will discuss three simple and effective strategies. Read More»

How Can You Tell When A Car Needs Maintenance?

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Your car’s user manual probably gives you some guidelines for when you need to take the car into visit auto repair shops. But every car is different in reality. Some cars can last much longer than what the manual states, especially if you are a careful driver, who puts in quality oil and gas, and doesn’t drive too far or in extreme conditions. On the other hand, sometimes you can get unlucky and buy a car that has some flaws and needs to be cared for often. Read More»

2 Common Transmission Leak Locations

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The transmission in your car is responsible for allowing it to shift from gear to gear. Transmission fluid is essential in order to perform this task over and over without fail since it not only acts as a lubricant but also helps to keep the various components inside of your transmission from overheating. Unfortunately, leaks are a common way in which the proper functioning of your transmission can be compromised. Without adequate fluid in the system, your transmission will eventually seize up and fail outright. Read More»

What Is The Smell In My Car?

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Many different smells can be present in your car and make your life miserable. Here are some types of smells and the common sources to check for a fix. Burning Smells A burning smell in your vehicle could be the result of many different things. For one, it could mean that you have an oil leak. If oil is leaking onto a hot surface in the engine, it could be quickly starting to smolder. Read More»

Engine Overheating? Check A Few Things Before Paying

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An overheating engine is nothing to play around with or put off for later. Driving around in an engine prone to overheating can lead to some permanent, expensive damage that can’t be simply patched over in many cases, but the causes of that overheating may be cheaper than you’d expect. Consider a few possible causes to at least go into the next auto repair shop with facts and haggling ability at your disposal. Read More»

Three Keys For Transmission Care

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Any time that you are looking to make the most out of any vehicle that you own, it is important to keep up with its most crucial parts. When it comes to any vehicle, the transmission is neck and neck with the engine in terms of importance. As the owner of a car, you should do all that you can to care for the transmission, so that the automobile will last. Read More»