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Three Keys For Transmission Care

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Any time that you are looking to make the most out of any vehicle that you own, it is important to keep up with its most crucial parts. When it comes to any vehicle, the transmission is neck and neck with the engine in terms of importance. As the owner of a car, you should do all that you can to care for the transmission, so that the automobile will last. In this regard, follow these tips below in order to get the most out of your transmission. 

#1: Consider the age of your transmission

Before you take the time to dive deep into transmission repair, be sure that you first assess the age of your transmission. If you have owned it for many years and many miles and it keeps giving you issues, it may be best for you to replace the transmission as a whole. This replacement requires you to reach out to a transmission repair shop that you can trust to handle the job with no problem. Make sure that you purchase OEM parts so that you are buying the part specifically crafted for your vehicle. Shop around for parts and labor costs to get the best deal on a new transmission installation. A complete transmission replacement might cost you anywhere between $1800 and $3500.

#2: Recognize when you are dealing with transmission issues

Because a transmission replacement can be so expensive, the best way to take care of the transmission is to be as proactive as possible. Get the fluids changed regularly to prevent most issues that you might come in contact with. Aside from preventative maintenance, be sure that you are aware of the signs that your transmission is giving you issues. Some surefire signs that you are dealing with transmission problems include hesitation when changing gears, leaking transmission fluid, a check engine indicator, and burning smells coming from the transmission.

#3: Take care of the entire vehicle

Because the transmission is responsible for shifting gears, it will feel the brunt of other issues – such as engine or break problems. To keep your transmission healthy, keep all of these parts healthy as well. A simple engine tuneup will cost to approximately $388 and will keep both your engine and transmission in great condition.

If you follow these three tips, you can count on getting the best transmission service possible. Take this information and reach out to a transmission shop that can help you.