Auto Troubleshooting: Understanding The Common Problem Signs

4 Ways To "Summer-Proof" Your Car

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What are some of your dream destinations for a summer trip? Sitting by the side of the road with a disabled vehicle probably isn’t on that list. But you can avoid that kind of forced rest stop by taking steps to “summer-proof” your vehicle. Here are four things to do before you drive off into the sunset. 1. Schedule Preventative Transmission Services Automotive transmissions have a tough job. They must keep a vehicle’s transmission clean, lubricated, and cool enough to operate well even when carrying a heavy load. Read More»

3 Audi Dash Light Warnings And Their Potential Causes

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Your Audi has the ability to let you know when it is having a problem through the illumination of lights in the dash display. The indicator system utilizes smart sensors that monitor all of the components for proper function during your drives. When the parts malfunction or cease working altogether, the sensors send a signal to the computer, which then immediately turns on the associated dash light. Here are three dash lights you will likely see while owning a new Audi. Read More»