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Windshield Pitting: What It Is And What You Can Do About It

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If you notice that you are temporarily unable to see when sunlight hits your windshield at a certain angle, your car may be suffering from windshield pitting. Windshield pitting is a common type of glass damage that any vehicle is susceptible to.

How does windshield pitting occur?

Windshield pitting typically occurs when debris hits your windshield's glass at an accelerated speed. The debris does not have to be large in size; sand or dirt are large enough to pit your windshield.

Thanks to the intensity of the speed upon impact, the debris makes a permanent crater or dent in your windshield. This crater or dent is what causes light to reflect in a manner that makes it difficult for you to see when driving.

One pit is enough to obscure your vision, but if you have multiple pits, this makes it more likely that the damage will render you unable to see at some point of your commute. The pits will also deepen over time.

It is possible for windshield pitting to occur from rain or storms. Anything that causes a material to hit your windshield with force can cause pitting.

When is windshield pitting a concern?

Minor or occasional windshield pitting is fairly common, and it usually not a cause for alarm. However, over time, debris hits more areas of your windshield, increasing the likelihood that you have your vision obscured while you are driving.

You may believe that windshield pitting that occurs outside of your normal line of view is not a concern. Unfortunately, these pits can still cause headlights or sunlight to reflect in a way that temporarily blinds you.

Multiple windshield pits also compromise the stability of your windshield, making it more likely to shatter in the event of an accident.

Can you repair windshield pits?

It is not possible to repair a windshield pit. Instead, you need to have your entire windshield replaced. Contact a company that specializes in auto glass repair to get your windshield replaced as soon as possible.

How can you prevent windshield pitting?

There are a few things you can do to help decrease the likelihood that your new windshield will suffer from windshield pitting; however, none of these actions will completely eliminate windshield pitting.

Avoid driving on unpaved or unfinished roads that contain a large amount of dirt and gravel. If possible, adjust your commute so that you do not frequently travel through construction zones. Stay away from trucks carrying loads of rocks, sand, or other items that can pit your windshield,

If you own a garage, park your car in the garage so that it has some protection from elements that might cause pitting. A car cover is another option to help protect your windshield from potentially damaging debris. Contact a company like Coats Auto Body and Paint for more information and assistance.