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Why RV Body Repairs Shouldn't Be Done By Just Any Auto Body Shop

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Because RVs fit into the automotive family, many owners seek out an auto body repair shop when they have RV body repairs that need to be addressed. However, you should not take an RV to just any auto body shop for repairs. You should always seek out an auto body shop with experience and expertise in RV body repairs because they require different skills. Here's what you need to know about RV body repairs compared to that of a traditional car.

Both Can Have Fiberglass

Whether you're dealing with a car's body panels or that of an RV, you may find that the body panels themselves are made from fiberglass. When this is the only type of repair that needs to be done, such as surface body damage on your RV, you can typically work with any auto body repair shop so long as they have experience with fiberglass patching and repairs. This is a pretty standard type of repair work, so you're likely to find lots of options for fiberglass RV panel repair.

RVs Are More Intricate

If you have RV body damage that extends beyond just the outer surface of the body panels, it is important that you work with an auto body repair shop that has expertise in RV body repair. That's because RVs have a far more intricate construction than a traditional vehicle. There's insulation, wiring, plumbing, and all sorts of other considerations that must be dealt with.

An auto body technician that's trained in RV repair will be able to work with all of those added features without causing further damage and will know how to incorporate the plumbing, wiring, and other components within the repair to keep your RV functional.

In addition to the components within the structure itself, there are also other special considerations when dealing with RV body repair. The HVAC system that's incorporated throughout the RV needs to be considered when planning out any kind of panel replacement or in-depth work, and there are rubber membranes, supports, and other features on the RV's roof that must remain stable, secure, and intact.

As you can see, having body work done on an RV is different from doing the same type of work on a car. There is far more that must be factored in when working on an RV. If you have an RV that is damaged or you believe may have suffered damage, contact an auto body repair shop near you today to find someone with RV repair skills and experience.

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