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Why Your Vehicle Might Not Pass Inspection

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In most states in the United States, in order to drive your vehicle legally, you have to pass a yearly inspection. Furthermore, to prove you have passed this inspection, you typically have to display a sticker on your vehicle in an appointed place that varies by state.

While inspections can sometimes feel like a hassle, they exist to keep all vehicles on the road safe and, thus, to keep all drivers as safe as possible. Unfortunately, though, many vehicles will fail inspection, which can lead to increased costs and potential penalties. In an effort to help your vehicle pass its annual inspection, make yourself aware of the common reasons that vehicles fail this yearly test.

Incorrect Air to Fuel Ratio

One common and very simple reason that people fail their auto inspections is that they have an incorrect air to fuel ratio.

The good news is that this problem can often be avoided easily, saving you time and money. Before having your vehicle inspected, make sure that you fill the tank to full capacity. This will dilute any air that is present and increase your chances of passing. Also, ensure that you use the highest quality fuel available.

Furthermore, prior to inspection, have any vehicular lines that are connected to your fuel tank inspected and repaired if necessary, being especially vigilant about finding and correcting any leaks that may exist.

Smoking Issues

In some cases, a vehicle may be deemed not fit to inspect. This means that your vehicle does not even have a chance to fail inspection. In fact, it's not even deemed in good enough condition for inspection, which is almost worse than failing.

While there are a variety of factors that can cause your vehicle not to warrant inspection, one of the big ones is a smoking engine, which is deemed unsafe even for inspectors. Thus, if any smoking whatsoever is present when running your vehicle, get it fixed before you even think about going in for an inspection.

Failed Emissions Testing

In recent years, people have put a lot more stock into protecting the environment. One way in which they do so is through vehicle emissions testing. While the rules on emissions testing vary from state to state, it is important that you know and abide by the regulations that exist for your state.

If you cannot pass the mandated emissions test, then your vehicle cannot pass inspection, so prepare for this test by knowing and following the local law.

As you can see, inspections are not easy, as routine as they may see. Thus, follow these tips to properly prepare for yours and, hopefully, you and your vehicle will pass with flying colors. For more information, contact an auto inspection service such as Oak Hollow Tire Car Care Center Inc.