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3 Signs That Your Transmission Needs Some Maintenance

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Given that driving itself is often accompanied by the noise of your passengers, your vehicle and the other drivers around you, it is easy to overlook new, often subtle, signs and symptoms originating from under the hood. However, those new sounds and changes to the driving experience, are often the only way your car has to remind you of the need for the transmission fluids to be flushed, changed or otherwise maintained. Therefore, if it has been a while since your transmission was examined by a professional or if you don't know when the last time it happened, it is a good idea to be aware of the following signs that it's time to schedule that work:

#3-If It Is Harder To Change Gears

Whether your vehicle has an automatic or standard transmission, it should be easy for an experienced driver to speed up or slow down as needed. If you're trying to put it into gear manually or the transmission is trying to do so because your speed is changing and it's not easy to do so, it might be due to dirty fluids. 

It's important to note that flushing the transmission fluids in a motor vehicle is an essential example of maintenance. If it's not provided as needed or if that procedure is skipped entirely, there is a very good possibility that the functionality of the transmission could be compromised. Therefore, the first time you notice that it's harder to change your speed, it's time to speak with your mechanic. 

#2-If Your Vehicle Seems To Accelerate Or Slow Down At Odd Interval s, But It's Not Something You're Doing 

When there is a lot of dirty, sludge, buildup, etc in the transmission fluids, it can make it harder for the transmission to respond to your input. When it does respond, you might notice a delay in doing so. Alternatively, it is possible that your transmission will speed up or slow down, resulting in new sounds from under the hood, when you have not done anything to initiate that reaction. 

Each of those symptoms requires some time with a trusted mechanic, as none of them should be ignored.  

#3-If The Transmission Fluid Is Not A Reddish-hue 

Dirty transmission fluid is usually easy to spot because its contamination with dirt, sludge, etc. stains it to a darker color. In general, transmission fluid is a shade of red. When it looks, black, brown, or is gritty to the touch, it desperately needs to be changed as soon as possible.  

Dirty transmission fluid means that the transmission itself is working harder than it should. You might also notice a burning smell, which is a serious issue and requires an immediate visit with a professional. Driving a vehicle in that condition can be dangerous and can result in expensive, expensive damage to the transmission.    

In conclusion, flushing the transmission fluids in your car is crucial and doing so can reduce the likelihood of it needing major repairs. By extension, that maintenance can also extend the life and use of the vehicle. Therefore, it's best to know what to look and listen for from your car and adhere to the recommendations for transmission fluid changes provided by the car manufacturer, in order to keep your car on the road.