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3 Signs Your Car's Water Pump Is Starting To Fail

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If you find yourself constantly filling your car with coolant, you may have already ruled out a leak in your radiator, leading you to suspect that your vehicle's water pump is to blame. If so, look for the following three signs that your car's water pump is starting to fail:

Loud Screeching Noise When You Speed Up

One of the tell-tale signs that your water pump is failing is a loud screeching noise coming from under your hood. While you could hear this sound anytime the car is running, you will hear a marked increase in the volume when step on the gas to speed up.

When your water pump is failing, it no longer has enough power to fully rotate the belt. This lack of power causes the belt to slip on the pulley, and the increase in friction between the material and the metal creates the noise.

Coolant Leak at the Front of Your Car

If you have checked your radiator and found no leaks, look under the front of the car in the center for a puddle of coolant. You will usually see the puddle after the car has cooled down and sits for a few hours.

When you shut off your engine, the coolant normally recedes from the pump and goes back into the radiator. However, if the pump is failing and there is an increase in pressure inside the reservoir, the coolant may start leaking through the weep channel. As the pump gets closer to breaking down completely, this leak will become worse.

Heater Blows Cold Air

When your water pump is working correctly, the water that runs through it is heated and directed towards your car's heater. As the air blows through the line and into the compartment through the vents, it is usually heated.

However, when the water pump is failing, it is no longer able to run enough coolant through the system to accommodate the heater's needs, and the air is no longer heated properly. As a result, your heater will blow cold air instead of warm air. 

After checking for and finding the above signs, you should have your water pump checked before it fails completely and causing your engine to overheat. Contact an auto repair service to make an appointment to have one of their mechanics diagnose and confirm your suspicions so they can make the necessary repairs or replace the pump.

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