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First Car Breaking Down While You Are Away At College? 3 Questions To Ask Your Auto Repair Mechanic

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You depend upon your car to get you to school and work. Now, it's making a funny noise, and you have no idea where to begin with the repairs. If you were still at home, you'd just get your parents to help you find a mechanic, but this time you are on your own. The great news is that getting quality auto repair services is not that complicated when you know what questions to ask your mechanic.

Have You Worked On My Type of Car Before?

It is important to make sure that anyone who works on your vehicle is familiar with the nuances of that specific make and model. This is especially essential if you have a specialty vehicle that requires specific parts or techniques to keep it in top condition. Make sure that the auto repair technicians at your preferred shop have the right training and experience to perform the repairs by asking about what types of certification they carry and whether or not they frequently work with your type of vehicle.

What Are My Options For Staying Within My Budget?

College life often means having to carefully watch your finances, and it is normal to be concerned about the cost of car repairs. When you visit the auto repair center, let them know that your budget is a concern. In some instances, they may be able to work with you on finding a more affordable part that can fix the problem while staying within your budget.

Did You Notice Other Maintenance That Needs to Be Done?

When you are busy with meeting due dates for your assignments and juggling work with school responsibilities, it is easy to neglect your regular car maintenance. Often, mechanics notice things such as your care being overdue for an oil change or a hose that looks like it is on the edge of breaking that can save you from bigger issues down the road. Let your auto technician know that you prefer to be proactive with your car maintenance so that they can mention anything that they notice. This also allows you to plan for your vehicle needs ahead of time so that you can make arrangements for having the work down at your convenience.

Going to college gives you many opportunities to practice being independent, and having to get your car repaired can seem like a major hurdle at first. By recognizing that your auto shop is a partner in helping to keep you on the road, you can use this as an opportunity to form a relationship with your mechanic that benefits your need for affordable transportation.

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