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3 Things You Should Never Do To Your New Luxury Car

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If you recently purchased a new luxury car, you may wonder if there is anything special about the care and maintenance of your new vehicle. If so, you should remember to never do the following three things, all of which could damage your car or void the warranty.

Never Jump Start The Battery

In the past, you may have had to jump start a battery when you left the headlights on overnight. In a typical vehicle, this does not damage the battery or the car's wiring. However, if you have a luxury car, doing this could spell disaster.

Since most high-end vehicles have extensive electrical amenities, they have a complex central computer system that is also attached to the delicate wiring. If you try to jump start the battery, the sudden increase in voltage could fry your entire electrical system, include the central computer. 

If you wake up to a dead battery, call the dealership or a high-end repair shop to double-check whether or not you can jumpstart the battery. If not, you will need a professional to get it working again.

Never Use Cheap Oil In Your Car

Luxury cars have specific oil requirements that correspond to the needs of the intricate designs of the motors. For this reason, you must use the grade and weight of oil that is recommended for your vehicle. You could cause extensive damage to your engine if you use cheap oil that is not designed for your make and model.

For example, if your vehicle has aluminum gaskets, you need an oil designed to pull the heat away from them. If not, the heat can melt the gaskets, making your engine blow up and leading to an enormous repair bill.

Never Put Straight Water In The Radiator

In cheaper car models, you may have had to put water in your radiator when it became low on coolant without causing any damage to your radiator. However, you never want to put straight water in the radiator of a luxury car.

Because the temperature and pressure of the radiator and its hoses are perfectly designed, your high-end vehicle requires a coolant made specifically for your car. If you use straight water, the erratic fluctuations in temperature and pressure could blow the hoses and crack the radiator.

Avoiding the above no-no's when taking care of your high-end vehicle could help you prevent extensive damage to your car and keep the warranty intact. However, if you run across a problem or need further guidance, you should contact an automotive service that specializes in luxury car repair and maintenance.

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